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Storielle is an app that allows users to easily share their favorite YouTube videos on Instagram stories. This app is a great way to share content with friends and family, and it has the potential to reach a much wider audience.

Unfortunately, I am unable to spent as much time as before maintaining and developing it. But it’s not time yet to archive it. Instead, I am going to fully open source it’s code.

Open sourcing the app can provide many benefits, such as increasing its visibility, potential collaboration, and the potential to reach a much wider audience. Additionally, it can provide developers with the opportunity to contribute to the project and make it even better.

If you are a developer and would like to help with the Storielle project, please reach out and join in the effort. Together, we can make this app even better!

By open sourcing the app, not only are we helping to make the project even better, but we are also contributing to a larger open source community and helping to spread knowledge and collaboration.

You can find the source code for the iOS app here, go show some love <3

Very soon, all the other repos would be made public too.

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Written by Vincenzo Cassaro - Your Friendly Neighborhood Data Engineer Follow me on Twitter